Mayweather agrees to fight McGregor under two conditions

The undedeated and Former world champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. has finally agreed to fight UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor but under two set of conditions.

Conor McGregor says he’s still interested in fighting former world champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. in a boxing match under the set of rules of the sport. However, McGregor says Mayweather doesn’t have his money, and he wants him to stop name dropping his name all the time.

McGregor says that if Mayweather doesn’t stop talking about him, then he’s going to show up at his front door. McGregor doesn’t say what he’s going to do when he shows up at Mayweather’s house. He would obviously need to get through all of Mayweather’s huge security personnel before he could get to the “Money” man, who is quick on his feet and fast of hand.

Floyd Mayweather has however responded to the “cries” of McGregor and accepted to fight him once his (Mayweather) conditions are met.

The “Money” man says the fight must be under boxing rules and he would not accept anything less than 100 million dollars. Or on the contrary, that makes it the second condition, the fight could only be under UFC rules if I’m making at least 200 million dollars.

“Call me when you are ready” – Floyd Mayweather ended.

“Floyd’s afraid of the fight. Floyd doesn’t want the fight. Floyd wants a boxing match, and I’ve already said, ‘no problems. Get my [expletive] money, and when you get my money, then we can box in this boxing match under specific rules that will keep you alive.’ So I’m here. Where’s my money? So if you keep dropping my name and you ain’t got the money, then I’m going to show up at your front door. So we’ll see. Floyd does not want the fight. Floyd wants a match under a certain specific set of rules. I don’t need rules. So I’m open. Let’s see what happens. Right now it’s just talk.” – McGregor also lamented.