DEAL: Floyd Mayweather returns to ring for a $500 million bout against Manny Pacquiao

Floyd Mayweather is returning from his retirement to fight Manny Pacquiao in a record fee of a minimum of 500 million dollars, ESPN announces.

“That is my come-back, deal” – Manny responded to the upcoming bout.

This becomes the highest fee ever paid to a celebrity and it breaks their own record set in their 2015 “Fight of the Century” where Mayweather made the then record of $220 million.

The bout, handled by Mayweather Promotions is yet to be launched.

Mayweather and Manny aren’t only the biggest stars in boxing, but they’ve also proven to be the highest-paid celebrities in the world. The fighters have topped Forbes’ 2015 Celebrity 100 list, and probably 2016 as well, which ranks entertainers based on the amount of money they’ve earned over the last 12 months.

The two welterweights were among the top paid celebrities in 2014, but their mega-fight on May 2 took them to new heights this year. The pay-per-view generated 4.4 million buys and set an all-time record with close to $600 million in total revenue, according to ESPN.

Mayweather was paid more than $200 million for one night’s work, beating Pacquiao in a unanimous decision. His total earnings for the year totaled $300 million, according to Forbes, helping him top the list. Mayweather’s fight with Marcos Maidana in September also helped him take the No.1 spot, as he was guaranteed $32 million for the bout, ultimately making even more because of PPV revenue.